2025 Masonic Festival for East Kent Launched
Festivals have been in existence in one form or another for over 200 years. A Festival consists of two elements: the Festival Appeal and the Festival Event or Finale. The Festival is a partnership between the Province and the Masonic Charitable Foundation, the aim of which is to raise funds. The Festival also provides an opportunity to increase the awareness of the Foundation’s work and the support it provides to Freemasons, their families and the wider community.

Masonic Charity
Every year Freemasons help thousands of people in need.
How? By donating millions of pounds to charitable causes.
Freemasonry is not a charity, but it is charitable, supporting its own members and their families in distressed circumstances and also non-Masonic charities and individuals. Freemasons are rightly proud of the fact that they raise all money for their charities from their own members and their social activities and not from the general public.
Charitable efforts tend to be concentrated at three levels. Locally, Lodges provide benevolence for individual members and make donations to charitable causes. Significant sums are donated each year to local non-Masonic charities and other good causes. Over the past six years over £1m has been donated by Lodges and Chapters to East Kent Communities.
Freemasonry is a tremendous force for good in society and our communities. To ensure that our charity response remains as important to our Brethren and local communities, as it is to the many thousands of families that are helped every year, a new charity – The Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity (CEKFC) has been created.

The Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity
Launched in October 2014, The Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity aims to be the face of Masonic Charity in the community. It seeks to maximise the benefit of the money that it gives to our local communities by not just sending a cheque, but by giving the recipient charity the opportunity of the greatest exposure so that others will recognise the wonderful work which that charity actually does.
The Charity hosts two Award Ceremonies each year, with recipients benefiting not only from financial donations but also access to resources, an opportunity to work with other small charities and benefit from the wider publicity the ceremonies bring for their work.
The Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity works with Lodges and Chapters, to invest in a brighter future for the disadvantaged in our communities.

How the Foundation helps Masonic families
A wide range of help and support is available for Freemasons, their wives, partners, widows, children and grandchildren. Most of the support provided takes the form of financial grants to assist with financial, health or family related needs.

  • Financial
  • Daily living costs
  • Grants following an accident, redundancy or personal crisis
  • Funeral bills
  • Minor home repairs
  • Health
  • Medical treatment
  • Dental treatment
  • Mobility aids and home adaptations
  • Counselling
  • Family – Children in full-time education
  • Costs for education or training
  • Scholarships, travel grants and student accommodation
  • Supporting exceptional talent in sport, music or the performing arts
  • Family – Care
  • Masonic care homes – including nursing, residential and dementia care
  • Respite care
  • UK holidays
  • Practical assistance

The Foundation’s Advice & Support Team offer confidential, impartial and practical guidance about the help we can provide. The Team can also help with applications for state and local authority benefits and can put you in touch with other organisations who can give advice on care, employment and education.

How to apply
For further information about the help and support available from the Foundation, please call their dedicated freephone enquiry line: 0800 035 60 90 or use the button below to email them. You can also write to the Masonic Charitable Foundation, 60 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5AZ
For more information about the Foundation’s grants and the application process, please visit: