Canterbury Centre reopens

I am delighted to confirm the success of the procedures which were previously imposed. There have been some 17 Meetings held since the Centre reopened on 17th May and thus far there have been no recorded cases of Covid-19.

At last Board meeting, the CMCA agreed the following changes to those procedures for use of the Canterbury Centre.

1 Common sense must prevail. Should any individual feel unwell they should not attend any Meeting in the Centre. For as long as HMG recommend the use of free home asymptomatic lateral flow tests twice weekly, it is recommended one be taken an hour before attending any Meeting.
2 The air purifiers must still be used. One person should arrive 60 minutes before the start of any meeting to switch them on to full power, and then reduce to minimum speed after 30 minutes.
3 There will be no requirement for temperatures to be checked at the doorway.
4 Numbers attending will be down to individual Orders. There is no limit restricted by the CMCA.
5 The Mandatory Attendance Form is no longer required. Individual Orders should use their usual Attendance Register. Should anyone test positive for Coronavirus within 10 days of attending a meeting they should notify their Secretary, who in turn will notify all those present at the meeting along with the CMCA Secretary.
6 Use of face masks is a personal choice in line with the First Rising document.
7 Gloves may once again be worn where appropriate.
8 The dining room layout will be returned to the usual format of Top Table with two or three Sprigs. Should any Lodge wish to retain individual groups of tables of six, they must communicate that to the caterer at the same time as ordering the meal.
9 Bar service will also return to the usual format.
10 As previously covered under Item 7 of the Procedure Document, the janitors will use the fogging machine in the corridors, stair wells and lift after each meeting.

The Board wishes to stress that there is no pressure whatsoever on anyone to attend a Meeting, nor should any prejudice be held against anyone who is not yet ready to return to a Masonic Meeting. However, it is hoped that these measures will add assurance to those who are able to do so.